Hello! You have just entered a vOICe vision training platform! Let us explain what it is all about.

Sound vision is an algorithm, which allows you to notice distant objects without touching them. While you use sound vision you will not actually see the world with eyes, in the usual manner, but instead after some training you will perceive visionary images through sound.

It is accomplished with help of decoding a videosignal from the camera installed into the glasses into a record, which changes responding to the picture from the camera.

You do not have the device on hands yet, however while training online, you become able to learn the vOICe algorithm. This way, when you get your device you can start using it in your daily life. 

Let’s start!

The “Introduction to vOICe sound vision" course consists of three parts: the Theory, the Object and Background, the Location of Object. Now you can start to study the skill of sound vision. We strongly advise you to have small breaks after taking tests and to feel free to return to previous topics and revise different tones of sound. We are sure - you will get it quite soon!